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Calling eCommerce Shop Owners

Endless back and forth emails, unclear site goals, no timeline…
The recurring nightmares of trying to launch a new website…Well that is no longer the normal

Picture this…

Your day gets started, you have your coffee and your sitting at your desk working on your client work, social media and you receive a text giving you an update on the progress of your site with link for you to preview it.

See for a full day you booked Jess to build and launch your new Shopify store and email marketing platform so the entire day is dedicated to your website.

One day to get your Shopify store and Klayvio account setup and working for you

As a Shopify Expert and website strategist for over 8 years, I have perfected the process of effectively launching your Shopify store in a day.

Each 1-day intensive is unique to your needs but makes the process extremely quick and effective

So in one day, you receive:

  • Beautiful SEO-optimized branded Shopify store 
  • Automated and optimized Email marketing program with welcome sequenced loaded
  • Custom Training video so you know how your store works & how to make changes

The Techy savior! I truly appreciate Jess for her professionalism, timely responses and wiliness to customize my request. She knows her stuff!

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Shopify in One Day

How does it work?

Step One

Use the booking calendar below to choose a day that works best for you, keep in mind you will need to complete before we can get started. You will need to be available virtually during your intensive so be mindful when booking. Secure your date with a 50% deposit or pay in full

Step Two

Once you have booked your date you will receive your confirmation email and welcome guide and checklist

Step Three

On the day of your intensive, we will communicate through a text message and knock your site out. It’s ment to be a collaborative process that doesn’t distract or demand consistent attention.

Step Four

Once the day is completed, you will have 30 days of support for work completed

Dates are extremely limited so lock in your intensive day now

Launch In One Day Intensive

  • One full day of time, dedicated to launching your Shopify store
  • Pre-intensive strategy call
  • 30 days of post-launch support
  • Video Training for using your new store

*Shopify fees not included; Add-on fees not included 

Jess | Jess The Techpreneur


No, you need to have your business name. A store will be created for you during the setup and you will be add to the shop during the build.

At the end of the day, the store will be transferred to you and your ready to sell

Currently all POD providers that are available in the Shopify App Store, yes.

Yes, if there are able to integrate with Shopify I    can get it set up for you. 

If you would like help with finding additional features, we will cover them in our pre-intensive call

Of course! Each client gets a custom training video for navigating the Shopify platform, any apps that were added, how to process orders and everything else you need in the running of your new store

What does this look like?

There are so many ways you can create a Shopify website, you can sell your own products, drop ship or have a mix of products

Handmade Products

If you sell your own products then Shopify is great for you!


With a Print-on-demand service you are able to sell products that you create on your shop and when you receive a order it gets created and shipped to your customer


Dropshipping is a popular way to sell products in your shop without inventory. Your shop is connected right to the suppliers and all orders you receive are completed by them


Selling products on a subscription base is a great way to build a consistent sales i n your shop. You can do this as a subscribe and save or subscription box/ bundle.

Ready to Launch?

Using the calendar below choose a day for your

Website Strategist | Developer
Online Business Manager

I am a serial entrepreneur helping small business owners and entrepreneurs build profitable businesses using strategy and systems that work for you. I am a coffee-loving, strategist that has been blessed with the gift of helping small business owners build and launch websites, passive income streams and how to sustain in any season.

Our time: 11:47pm CDT
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