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Calling Etsy Shop Owners

If you thought about selling your products on Etsy, you may have noticed it’s a bit more than just adding pretty photos and your price.

Etsy is above anything a marketplace that heavily relies on you reaching the people who need your product through optimization.

Each time you search for a product on Etsy, that is a keyword or keyword phrase that is used to find products listed.

This is why it’s important to optimize not only your listings but your complete shop.

Those tags you keep blank…that’s a missed point in optimization

Those checkboxes asking you to detail more about your product like primary color or holidays? Yep, it’s also used to make finding your products easier.

The Techy savior! I truly appreciate Jess for her professionalism, timely responses and wiliness to customize my request. She knows her stuff!

Toni Robinson | Stillettos & Screwdrivers

The Difference of Optimizing your shop

Etsy Setup & Optimization

  • Full Shop Optimization
  • Up to 20 Listings optimized
  • 1-on-1 Training for optimizing listings and Running your Etsy Shop
  • Pre-Launch & Launch strategy to help convert ongoing

*Etsy fees not included; Tools and Add-on fees not included 

Jess | Jess The Techpreneur


First we will hop on a call to go over your products and about your shop. This gives us an idea of who you are looking to target, what they may be looking for and unique identifying factors of your shop.

Then we go through and optimize your entire store, to fill in any missing pieces  and make sure your listings are searchable.

This is where your homework comes in, using the information given to us for your listings and shop we are able to get your vision out- but in a searchable way

Absolutely not. It is an art of making your listings and shop searchable by the browsers and the people.

We research what people are looking for & purchasing. Not just what the browsers find appeasing especially because Google with blacklist you and your site for keyword stuffing.

Yes, you have a 30 min training going over any questions you have with your Etsy shop including pricing for profit, keyword research and Etsy-driven sales.

Ready to Launch?

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Website Strategist | Developer
Online Business Manager

I am a serial entrepreneur helping small business owners and entrepreneurs build profitable businesses using strategy and systems that work for you. I am a coffee-loving, strategist that has been blessed with the gift of helping small business owners build and launch websites, passive income streams and how to sustain in any season.

Our time: 12:26am CDT
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